As Power of Corruption can be considered an altered melee engine, it will come in a set of customized and nice terrains. You can participate by submitting your work, and if it's accepted it will be uploaded here with the game injected. For more information follow this link. Here you will find the latest version of Power of Corruption. For older map versions you can visit Power of Corruption Map Database.
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Roads UntraveledVersion 2.3c
On the deep land of Lordaeron hides a place with small villages, but as the war goes on supplies stopped arriving on the villages thus forcing the villagers to move to the city, Its been years now since someone traveled on this beautiful land, but now the brutality of evil forces will left a terrible scar, war and power has no mercy with anything and this isolated land with be witness of this unpleasant true.
Map Size: 128x128
Playable Map Size: 117x119
Suggested Players: 1v1, 2v2, FFA
Player Slots: 4
Tileset: Village
Power of Corruption at Hive Workshop PoC - Ancient Temple v2.3a